A Fresh Perspective: 5 Tips to Revitalize your Day!

Anytime we speak of revitalization, we are immediately attaching ourselves to positive changes dealing with the energy of what is being revitalized. In the vibrational case of Stockton, we are not only speaking about the beautification processes creating more appealing sidewalks, streets, offices and buildings. We also carry the responsibility of offering up more positive attitudes and behaviors as a community and being accountable to the rebrand of our beloved city.

Now in most situations concerning the revitalization of a city it is assumed that the people are considered in the process, i.e. experiences of good places to eat, places to handle private matters and public concerns, pay bills and even wonderful places to hang out and enjoy the sunshine. All of which is excellent and satisfactory for any revitalization effort. However, we made the necessary perspective adjustments required to compliment Stocktonians in achieving our desired results. Create a city that everyone wants to visit. One that every Stocktonian who reads Downtown Turnaround will become in some way, shape, form or fashion…. REVITALIZED!

It is imperative to the very progress of our mission to enhance the lives of our fellow Stocktonians. We inspire ourselves to create a new energy that compliments the creations and ideas of our powerful developers, friends, and all small businesses of downtown.

Are willing to change you?

If you’re ready, here are our Fast Five energy shifting tips that will contribute to the inevitable and very necessary changes we all have been patiently waiting for.


While walking the streets of downtown, don’t succumb to the BLAHness of walking with your eyes glued to your phone. Acknowledge every person you make eye contact with. “Good Morning”- “How are you?” and if you use awkwardness or shyness as your excuse for your mediocre walk- eye contact and a smile will do. It’s not enough, but it will do.

Don’t litter. In fact, get slightly offended if you see someone else do it. If you see some trash on your path, pick it up and throw it away. Use caution of course. Carry hand sanitizer, if you are worried about germs. Or do nothing, a revitalized spirit will soon pick it up.



Praise good customer service and politely/lovingly correct poor customer service. Royal treatment is a personal energy shifter. It feels so good to people that it becomes contagious. Guaranteed to bring back endless repeat customers and keep you, the customer happy to spend your dinero.

Publicly acknowledge the improvements people are making in the city and themselves. It is always inspiring when someone or some things are improving. It sends a powerful attracting energy to the Universe that as a city, we say. “Yes! Yes! – More of this goodness please”.



Say Hello to every homeless person you see! Don’t worry over the imaginary pressure to give them your lunch money. Simply speak to them. Remind them they are not invisible. You never know, they just might wake up, remember they are alive- and one day catch you in the elevator and express their gratitude for your revitalized Self.

Not too bad, right?
How will you change? How will you contribute to the revitalization of the city YOU live in? It’s not rocket science people. You don’t need special training or an education level over pre-school to master this! It is literally the fastest and easiest way to give back and pour power back into our up and coming city.

Complaining about it just won’t do. Make it lively. Make it fresh. It’s totally up to you!

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