A Tale of Two Markets: Flea & Farm

The revitalization of an otherwise aging downtown offers substantial and positive changes on a number of levels. Buildings get rehabbed and these giants that were once falling apart and falling down, now tower proudly in their former glory. Communities pull together and thereby create bonds that may not have previously existed–folks working for a common cause, all with a similarly ingrained sense of pride. And ultimately, the streets and sidewalks become newly welcoming venues for people wishing to display and sell their goods.

Both flea and farm markets harken back to a simpler time. People hawking what they could, be it items they made, family heirlooms, produce they grew, rustic crafts, handmade jams and jellies. These types of venues enabled sellers and buyers to get to know one another on perhaps a more intimate level than one might experience at a Wal-Mart or Target. What the buyer was purchasing was essentially an innate part of the seller. You bought an experience, you purchased a part of someone’s life. Think about what it took to get those products to the market. How much care and thought…Consider the value to be not simply in the item bought, but in the experience of having bought it.

Welcome to Stockton for another year – the STOCKMARKET.  We expect the 2018 season to begin soon!  Keep posted & find out more information here.

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