Thriving and Surprising: This week’s restaurant features

Noon is adventure time for downtown Stockton. Hundreds of city employees and entrepreneurs are cruising the streets looking for their next place to eat. There are so many hidden gems most Stocktonians are unaware of. Mostly because the restaurants and good eats are only open during business hours of the regular work week.

Fear not. We might make you want to play hooky just to venture downtown and experience a different personality of Stockton.

You can grab yourself some authentic Greek treats at the 4 out of 5-star Yelp rated Yasoo Yani’s. You’ll enjoy the friendly service and fall in love with the soulful aromas streaming out of the kitchen the moment you walk in. History is literally on the walls in this cozy little family owned restaurant. They even have “The Judges Table” dedicated to three respected judges of San Joaquin County who happen to eat there every day for lunch. Reasonably priced and delightfully tasty, it’s no secret why Yasoo Yani’s is a beloved hot spot and you will definitely appreciate what is brought to your table.

Early riser? You can catch an amazing homemade breakfast or classically delicious happy hour at the new Cast Iron Trading Company. Sitting right across the street from the courthouse, its unique décor will entertain all of your senses. Currently holding a glamorous 4.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp- live music and even Yoga are grabbing the attention of many people. Not to mention Lodi Zin favorites, Earthquake from Michael David and the fabulous Old Vine from Klinker Brick are always available to the fancy and wonderful winos out there. Need to host a private event? No problem! Cast Iron will gladly offer up their space just for you!

With spring bringing out the sun’s tender rays of warmth and kindness, we must admit we are eagerly awaiting the rooftop presentations of newly opened Bella Vista: Cochina Italiana. Supplementing customers with valet parking, great music, and carefully crafted cocktails this special restaurant is showing growth and much promise. We are too jazzed to see what spectacular events come from them.

There are so many other places we are excited to visit next week. We hope to catch you here!

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