Take Your Dog to Work Day? 3 Top Breeds That Make the Cutest Officemates

People love their dogs. Check out Facebook–on any given day forty percent of all posts will in some way involve a dog, be it a cute little video clip of a beagle chasing his tail, a picture having some fun with dog shaming as the chastised pet wears a funny sign around his neck, or simply a photo of a kid and his treasured best friend. More and more we are also seeing people bring their dogs to work. Think about it, for the small business owner in particular who perhaps has a bit more flexibility when it comes to office policies on dog visits, a pet makes an excellent officemate. Here are a few breeds that would make ideal candidates for “Take your dog to work day”:


Shih tzu: The shih tzu’s unobtrusive demeanor works exceedingly well in environments in which it is crucial that the pet not draw too much attention to itself. A relatively quiet, non-shedding breed, the shih tzu is also rather amusing and can, almost on cue, be counted on to make you smile. Due to its size, the dog has absolutely no problem cuddling on your lap when you need a midday break. And they are just so stinkin’ cute.

Bulldog: The bulldog also is a low shedder, so again, good for the office environment. As long as you don’t mind a bit of drool now and then, the bulldog possesses an impressive and yet extraordinarily friendly presence. For some reason people love to pet bulldogs; must be all that cute, wrinkly skin.



Mutt. Yes, the tried and true American mutt is an excellent choice for your officemate. The number of dogs who are abandoned or sent to shelters increases every year. The need for people to adopt and rescue dogs is urgent. Who better to help you through a hard day at the office, or make you smile when everything seems to be going wrong, or lick your hand and let you know that you at least have one true friend, then a dog for whom you have made all the difference in the world.

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