The Changing Face Of Downtown Stockton

Downtown Stockton is making a structural change; it looks and feels different in a very positive way. Here are the top four changes that come to mind:


Progressive Planning. For the first time, we believe that we have a core, a place, a beating heart, where city, county, government, and individuals are now willing to move back to downtown. There is a conscious movement around smart growth infill, and recognition of our historic heritage.

Investment Opportunities. Investors from California, and for that matter, the world, are looking at downtown Stockton as a safe haven for investment. This has accounted for more investment activity than we have seen in decades.



Freedom of Expression. The community feels safe in downtown, and as a result we see people expressing their political and social beliefs in a balanced way. Downtown is not just a neighborhood, it is the center of our city and belongs to everyone. This is evidenced by the over 1,500 students in our two immensely successful charter schools.

New Players. The downtown area is attracting not only traditional business; attorneys, marketers, government, but also the creative class of muralists, artists, potters, restauranteurs, and craftspeople.


What does all this mean? There is a new focus and commitment to the revitalization of downtown Stockton, one that encourages and recruits new and creative ideas; a path to the 21st century.

Visit the past to become part of the future.

  1. A lot of positive changes are happening downtown with the arts – banners, utility boxes, murals, pianos, chalk art, Fanhs National Museum. As new developments happen I hope that developers will employ adaptive reuse of downtown’s historic architecture rather than demolition so generations can know where we came from as we build where we are going.

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