6 Cool Style Tips for Your Office Space

Is your interior cluttered, overpowering, trying to take over your life? Don’t be beaten by clutter, follow a few simple guidelines to create a tranquil feeling of Scandinavian style to bring some calm and order into your life.

Serenity, simplicity, peacefulness are all elements of so called Scandinavian or minimalistic style which not only convey a sense of calm and order, but are very practical too. With simple, natural lines, environmentally friendly materials, subtle contrasts; simplicity does not mean cheap but in fact is design and ingenuity.


Rather than too many colors or designs, keep it simple by selecting two neutral colors and one contrasting color for your interior design.

For the walls and the built-in cabinets choose another neutral color of the same palette.



To offset the plain neutral colors, introduce some texture and softness by using a fluffy sofa or fuzzy rug. One of these elements can be “catchy” and contrasting to the rest of the interior.

Adding an element of style such as a mirror is just as much a statement of design as of utility. Properly locating it is important.



Soft furnishings such as curtains, pillows, lamp shades, cushions and other details should match each other in terms of color and design. Select a few different shades for the details and stick to them.

Avoid conventional or man-made materials and select natural materials and hand-made decorative elements. Perhaps a wooden chest instead of a drawer unit – small things like this can give you an uncluttered, exclusive look and a feeling of individual comfort which can make your office stand out!


The above tips are also appropriate to giving your downtown office some calm as well. It’s one thing finding affordable office space, so think about decorating it in a cool minimalistic style too which can also be kind to your budget.

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