6 Easy Ways to Work to Live and Not Live to Work

At some point we all get to a point in our career when things have become stagnant, or we’ve lost focus, or we want to tell our boss what we really think, or have had that feeling that nothing is going right. So next time your office space is sending you into outer space, just remember these few tips:


Take calculated risks. Someone believed in you. Now it’s up to you to believe in yourself. Don’t sell yourself short in interviews. Stand up for the opportunities you think you deserve, but of course, still be conscientious.

Never assume defeat. This is one of the most dangerous things you can do to yourself professionally. If you had an interview that didn’t go well, a meeting with a client in a downtown office that went shakier than expected, or a pitch that didn’t go as planned, don’t give up.



Choose your battles wisely.  Do you have co-workers that know exactly what to say or do to get under your skin? Take a breath. Go outside — don’t rise to the bait. Some battles truly aren’t worth pursuing.

Don’t compare your story to someone else’s. Everyone is guilty of comparing themselves to someone else in some area of life. Clothes, cars, houses, even careers. When it comes to career placement and progressions, it’s critical to not only do what you do, but appreciate doing it too.



Persistence beats resistance. Keep yourself motivated. Create a vision board if you need to, read inspiring quotes on your morning commute. Do whatever you need to, to keep going. When things get hard, don’t cave under pressure. Use your struggles as an opportunity to learn and grow professionally.

Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for it. Money. We all need it to survive. However, there’s a fine line between needing money and becoming obsessive over it. The more passionate you are about what you do, the faster success will follow you. If you can do what you love doing, find some affordable office space or a suitable workshop, then do it. You’ll enjoy waking up for work every day!


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