Top 5 Reasons your Community Needs Art in the Public Place

Art in the public place makes a difference. It inspires, it reaches out to every segment of your society and makes people feel welcome.


Recruits the creative class, from young to old, rich and poor, gay and straight. It shines the light on downtown revitalization, and represents an equal opportunity for enriching historic city centers. Your resources could be your artistic ability, or your financial ability.

Changes a look from bland institutional, to vibrant creativity. It essentially moves your eyes into a new aesthetic.



Encourages new business to move to your downtown, from restaurants and retail, to marketing and legal centers. All who tire from the bland suburban landscape will find comfort in the creative expressions of art, which provide eye candy to visitors.

Harnesses our energies in a new and creative way. It’s an inexpensive thoroughly enriching fix for your downtown.



Has a positive impact. Throughout the country, studies have found that art in the public place discourages Graffiti, and encourages new artistic expression.

The rich history of art in our historic architecture shows itself on old signs attached to 5 and 10 cent stores, retail stores, theaters, and it was a great source of welcoming to our historic communities.

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