Simple Adjustments to Add Balance to Your Work + Life

Many of us think about changing our life and improving things, but often it’s difficult to know where to start. If you want to change something, big or small, here’s some advice which will hopefully help:

  • Make a daily plan and stick to it. This avoids waking up in the morning and trying to think of something to do or delaying things that need to be done.
  • Set goals and achieve them. Write them down – be clear.
  • Make sure your goals are quantifiable so you can measure them – be specific.
  • Take up meditation. If you work in a home office rather than a downtown office then you can be more flexible with your timings.
  • Exercise!! Keep the same time/routine ex: before going to the office each day.
  • Think about your friends and spend less time with those you consider ‘toxic’ or a negative influence.
  • Eat healthier & drink less. Set targets. ex: not drinking on week days for example.
  • Cook at home rather than eating out – control your intake.
  • Don’t waste time. Think about how you spend it and treat it like the valuable resource it is.
  • Monitor what you watch on TV. Some programs can be very negative and depressing.
  • Think about your own needs instead of trying to please others. This doesn’t mean being selfish but finding a balance.
  • Try new things and don’t worry about failure.
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